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Advertising - Dr. Martens


Dr. Martens asked me to create a new wall illustration for their store in Berlin Europacenter. It was such a wonderful thing to see my illustration on the wall!

I chose darker colours than I usually do, in order to stay on brand and create a cool vintage feel to the image.

The deadline was tight. The brief was to intertwine Dr. Martens with Berlin subcultures, so I decided to illustrate the wonderfully diverse queer community in a night setting since Berlin nightlife is such a big part of the city. 

Here are my rough and more polished sketches of my alternative idea

Skizze1-drmartens copy.jpg
Skizze1-drmartens-finaleblackwhite copy.jpg
Skizze1-drmartens-finalefinalefinale copy.jpg

And a more finished sketch of my final idea with two colour palettes

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