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Is a Fine Artist and Illustrator based in Berlin

Viktoria Mladenovski is an artist, illustrator, ceramicist and printmaker based in Berlin and Luxembourg. Their feminist, queer and environmental artworks have been featured in various international magazines and galleries. 
They draw inspiration from their surroundings and often loses themselves in their own world, where clouds have faces and combs can fly.
Besides drawing, painting and digital art, they use printmaking to create risograph zines and prints. They experiment a lot with textiles & ceramics sculpture and video making. 


Selected Clients

Missy Magazine
Berliner Zeitung
The Skinny
Fest Magazine 

Selected Exhibitions

The Skinny Print Exhibition, Sierra Metro
Open Days, 1535 Creative Hub  
Binding Clip Exhibition, Treepaper Gallery 
Dundee Print Collective Exhibition, DCA 
Hidden Record, GENERATORprojects



Edinburgh, Scotland, 2023
Differdange, Luxembourg, 2021 
Melbourne, Australia 2020
Dundee, Scotland 2019
Dundee, Scotland 2017




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Hidden Record, GENERATORprojects


Dundee, Scotland   |

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