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Illustrator and Artist in Berlin

Advertisement / Editorial / Publishing

Viktoria Mladenovski (she/they) is a multidisciplinary illustrator who lives and works in Berlin, with a focus on identity, memory, togetherness and joy. 

Viktoria’s illustrations are bold, colourful and playful, oftentimes whimsical and fantastical, intertwined with intersectional queer feminism and eco-consciousness. Viktoria draws inspiration from their surroundings and dreams, where clouds have faces and combs can fly.

They translate complex ideas and texts into images with clear messages.

When Viktoria isn't drawing, you can find them in the ceramics studio or cuddling cats, drinking tea and reading a good book. 


Member of VG Bild-Kunst & Illustratoren Organisation e. V.

Selected Clients

Dr. Martens
Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
Missy Magazine
Berliner Zeitung
Philosophie Magazin
Beneficial Shock
The Skinny



Ceramics Members Show, Peace Out Paradise

un été en papier (Group Show), Reuter Bausch Galerie
Group Show, Reuter Bausch Galerie
Illustrating Queer Joy (Trio), Rainbow Centre
The Skinny Print Exhibition, Sierra Metro
Mousse au Chocolat (Duo Exhibition), Göttlich
Open Days, 1535 Creative Hub
Binding Clip Exhibition, Treepaper G
Dundee Print Collective Exhibition, DCA


What are Memories But Empty Shells?
Solo Exhibition, Backhaus Projects 


Berlin, 2023

Luxembourg, 2023
Luxembourg, 2023
Luxembourg, 2023
Edinburgh, Scotland 2023
Berlin, Germany 2022
Differdange, Luxembourg 2021 
Melbourne, Australia 2020
Dundee, Scotland 2019


Berlin, 2023


Drawing Deeply, The Museum of Loss & Renewal
I got kindly supported by Kultur lx 

Hidden Record, GENERATORprojects


Collemacchia, Italy 2023


Dundee, Scotland


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